Friday, July 22, 2011


Using my 12 senses living as 12 men disciples dealt with every hand
of life living through the hues of a man
mistakes I make every day because im only human
try me I have the option to be and see what I want
there's no other me same spirit in this life time
more beauty and knowledge embodied me
to come forth sharing the past demise
writings somewhat premeditated a couple of days and hours before
lord help me
predictions of my affiliation trying to see pass my confrontations
ignoring my irritation evil is a persuasion
to blind you from greatness sinning becoming a virus theres no cure to this
the bible becomes detergent washing and giving directions to the right life
a completed mission leading to a remission
struggles to move forward but still with dedication
soon there will be a vacation after it is done
be glad to say what a fair journey
now I can spare wisdom from my learning’s
live appreciate what im earning -Prophet in Me #TNP