Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wish I Knew

Destroying music 
lives are being torn 
all the fuckery is becoming annoying
aww..... its pouring.... 
gays, violents, drugs 
tornados are forming 
its storming 
the past i am mourning 

hip hop 
use to be a culture 
all of a sudden rap it became 
now they stay unwrapped
babies untamed 

men their genitals they cant tame
looking at the women like shes strange
but man doesn't realize that it would have a past and a future
until after he came
a disease is what he couldn't name 
so as for the offspring 

grandmothers haven't experienced 
much to let him 
know the purpose 
would never be able to say her and grandpa was framed 

what a shame 
our lives thoughts and actions we need to claim 
television, entertainment, brands
 are letting parent us 

no longer self efficient 
if we don't solve we start killing 
more efficient 
less is living more are dying 
not trying or climbing 
just sitting 

thoughts action are mentioned 
motions only last for a minute 
in a snap 
there is no more notion 
 we all need to cross over to a better place 
 we need brighter minds 

say that your safe

aww... you've been graced
there is so much positivist to embrace
but instead we rebel 
chase after the negative wave 
they cant help but to 
trace steps 

im tired of the renditions 
where did the new ideas free thinking and less expenses go 
life is getting too expensive

soon it will relive revive with in time 
optimism independence became a crime
really sick of the vulgarity being exploited 
soon it will be destroyed 
then a sense of peace will be anointed 

Monday, January 16, 2012


Martin Luther King Jr.  
Had the whole world sprung before the season could spring
 he had a dream all the possibilities of the  people who weren’t the same shades of me
Combined with love humility and equality 
More than just a dream the illusion of reality,
Could say more people believed so it happened actively
1963 black and white pictures were posted before you knew it
The desegregation of the inauguration gave the hue of grey
People from all across the way in one place, 2 ears gave the attention to
One man who faced his fears .. Strong willed
 the man was the president in his own  way 
Paved the way for African American to get a little extra change in the pocket
Have homes without holes laws with in their own communities
49 years of feeling free from brutality of the police be we  are never going to be free
A lot of Black on Black Crime white on white pink on pink crime no matter who it is
We are not standing as one unity arguments about who purer than the
Thinking it will all get better it just loosened up just enough
Learning to keep slavery in the past and progress
Black people are so cruel to each other it
We have one man and one woman who stands
Examples of respect equality love agility confidence ambition
Obama and Michelle
Leading us to path of persuit of happiness im black and im proud
Loving and respecting those who are around

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Support

social media vs encyclopedia
long time coming for the new generation
to actually pick up a book mislead by computers television
 life change
 the frame of whats really lame the crooks are the only ones who get caught up
 dumb founded so they lead to the big book
 social change phone numbers became user names pictures become holographs
no need for the frames in the future we will have portable graves
 cassettes were thrown away in the garbage
 the tape became the take of the first class generation
 social media do you remember her name? the picture on her board it could be a lie
who can you believe go back to the books its the truth
 the social media is getting through all of the minds feeding us 30% of the truth
 speaking became typing voice of the change
 reacting to the science of life global warming
 matter of time till the world ends
 are you asking
 well its god your questioning
 listen to the people music has become our best influence
 technology is a distraction
chronic takes our brain cells
 mass media is killing so whose losing -TNP (snap) (snap)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I’m living in a house of non-believers im keeping the faith in him
While he gives me the wisdom to teach you
I have to live through
…the man carries the people; mother earth is what he needs to produce
So she can conceive just like a seed and water
Coming to give it life, to grow sprouting to be embodied with so many emotions
Cry fear insecurity
evolution reproducing expanding shedding the past
Slowly deteriorating fluctuating in and out of reality
Becoming enflamed to the brutality of confusion
Learning lessons every day becomes a 24 hour session
Home should be the only get away
If not should I build my own home and make it safe
I’m a believer without any doubtful deeds studying metaphysics
Comprehending to those who hide behind hate
I believe in fate keeping ignorance at a distance
Recognizing my super naturalness
There can only be few capitals and bolds
Depending on how you devour this feed knowledge
I cook and then serve emerged to your attention premeditated quote
Speaking up on your problems seeking the outcome to your manifested destiny
Negligee upon a time in life, dysfunctional prodigy world of depression
Sorrow and fear becoming apologetic to your thoughtless actions
Im no pro to me
The past will never be erased
The future can be changed
Where will your destination be placed? What registration form did you sign?
The Follower or the Leader
Are you the trend setter or the tape recorder?
Are you the open doors or are your windows boarded?
Are you thinking about here and now?
Well my thoughts are forwarded
Downloading and upgrading faster than torrents
Thinking in your mind you should copy and paste this
Everyone should hear this word better yet taste this contradiction
Reviving you diction coming to senses that everything you do for a period of time is a habit
Progressing into an addiction
A story to be told to my non-believers
the ignorant speakers constantly drawing the youth into sinful future leaders
the generation developing after them will thrive to be their competitors
they will be better like they are the debtors paying off and doing what was supposed to be done
but there is always the right place and right time walking on parallel, rigid to oblique lines
your life my life we can never define life sentences will serve a life time

Friday, July 22, 2011


Using my 12 senses living as 12 men disciples dealt with every hand
of life living through the hues of a man
mistakes I make every day because im only human
try me I have the option to be and see what I want
there's no other me same spirit in this life time
more beauty and knowledge embodied me
to come forth sharing the past demise
writings somewhat premeditated a couple of days and hours before
lord help me
predictions of my affiliation trying to see pass my confrontations
ignoring my irritation evil is a persuasion
to blind you from greatness sinning becoming a virus theres no cure to this
the bible becomes detergent washing and giving directions to the right life
a completed mission leading to a remission
struggles to move forward but still with dedication
soon there will be a vacation after it is done
be glad to say what a fair journey
now I can spare wisdom from my learning’s
live appreciate what im earning -Prophet in Me #TNP

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~Where Im From: Rehearsal

~Where Im From: Rehearsal: "Im tired of everyone degrading the odd ball in families seems as if theres carbon dioxide in the homes their hallucinating family and foes c..."


Im tired of everyone degrading the odd ball in families seems as if theres carbon dioxide in the homes their hallucinating family and foes combined like a refrigerator with spoiled milk trying to refresh but its baking without the soda we got the momma soldiers low down dirty brotha sex addicted sista the daddy aint even there they all wish he could’ve stayed knowing the strong fatherless mother pushed him away the sex addicted sistah twin at birth passed away to the grave the low down dirty brother sick of being the good guy so many girls tired of getting played starting dogging them tossing them in every way ego at a high peak degrading them saying “bitch get out my way” momma soldier smoking drinking partying to get paid gambling passing out not worried about her health greed got in her way the sex addicted sistah five babies conceived was a would’ve hustled for the abortions large portions of money more than financial aid marking down the birthdays 5 days of celebrations it all happens in one week life is an education every day is a lesson every year is a graduation
We have to change a life circle that’s repeating like rehearsal do the opposite its optional good or bad we all have obstacles yes its controversial stop spreading other business its confidentiality in reality don’t know what’s going on with your own family
Married couple children spoiled mother and father humble to their careers son and daughter cashing out the malls spending money on their friends club hopping glasses of wine all screaming out cheers what will they know when they are out on their own mother and father struggling to stay together discussing about a divorce the depression is taking away from their spending asking colleagues for loans daughter snorting dope school is becoming stressful boyfriend telling her here take this it will help you cope son ditching school hanging out with the fools tagging up the city buses and trains mother and father scared to tell the children that there will be no more lavish days in order for the daughter to keep herself up she starts to do something strange for a little piece of change don’t know him from adam but her mouth is on his thang the brother starts the hustle so he wouldn’t feel the struggle gang banging became his ego muscle a calm day the family came together the children became rebels parents ready to astray wonder who is living this life sit thing about it its wrote in bold lowers case capitals are you willing to make a change has this life lesson helped you like a diploma for a graduation certified life is an education
We have to change a life circle that’s repeating like rehearsal do the opposite its optional good or bad we all have obstacles yes its controversial stop spreading other business its confidentiality in reality don’t know what’s going on with your own family